Elesta PCB Relays

Elesta PCB Relays

Jaxxen Incorporated caries the full line of Elesta PCB relays including SGR xx1, SGR xx2, SGR xx3, SGR xx4, as well as Special Relays. Click on a series below for additional information on individual relays. Technical information and the complete series catalog are available as PDF downloads.

NCR PCB Relays

NCR Full PCB Relay Catalog

SGR xx1

Elesta SGR xx1 Series PCB Relays

SGR xx2

Elesta SGR xx2 PCB Relays

SGR xx3

Elesta SGR xx3 PCB Relays

SGR xx4

Elesta SGR xx4 PCB Relays

Special Relays

Elesta SGR Special PCB Relays

Technical Information

PCB Relay Technical Specifications

Complete Catalog

Elesta PCB Relay Full Catalog