Series OF Optosensors

Universal and tireless

Elesta Series OF Optosensor

102 x 76 x 30 mm3

The big OF sensors come into use when ever large optical power is required. Such as in gate controls or crane systems. As a DC version with transistor output or a 24 to 240 volt AC/DC version with relay output, and optionally an adjustable timer, OF is universally employed in every electric installation. Thereby, the clever connection concept combines the advantage of simple installation through a terminal strip with the advantage of a removable connector. OF always offers a solution.


 50 mThrough-beam sensors OFS/OFEDownload PDF 260 KB
 up to 32 mRetro-reflective sensors OFRDownload PDF 258 KB
 up to 18 mRetro-reflective sensors with polarizing filters OFPDownload PDF 274 KB
 1,8 mDiffuse-reflective sensors OFTDownload PDF 266 KB
 0,2 … 0,8 mDiffuse-reflective sensors with background rejection OFHDownload PDF 261 KB