Series OR Optosensors

Robust to the highest peak

Elesta Series OR optosensor

50 x 44,5 x 12 mm3

OR, this is the proven series of robust sensors in a small metal housing. They are especially cherished in long lifetime industrial systems, such as printing, textile, and packaging machines. The extended supply voltage range makes these sensors extremely mobile. In the footboard control on busses and trains they conquer even the highest Swiss mountains. By doing so they are hardly noticed. With their 12 mm width these sensors find room even in narrow openings and profiles.



Range Description PDF
 8 m Through-beam sensors ORS/ORE Download PDF 253 KB
 up to 8 m Retro-reflective sensors ORR Download PDF 287 KB
 up to 7,6 m Retro-reflective sensors with polarizing filters ORP Download PDF 278 KB
 1 m Retro-reflective sensors with coaxial optics ORA Download PDF 245 KB
 up to 40 cm Diffuse-reflective sensors ORT Download PDF 483 KB