SGR xx1

Elesta PCB Relays

The trend toward miniaturization continues, requiring ever smaller relays with higher switching capacity. Elesta SGR xx1 PCB relays combine maximum sensitivity with minimum self-heating in an extremely compact package. The coil extending the entire length of the relay produces very favorable field conditions. However, the critical factor for operation is the coil’s low operating power which places less demand both on the power supply and IC driver outputs, thereby helping to minimize the heating of end products.

SGR 451

Elesta SGR 451 PCB Relay

SGR 631

Elesta SGR 631 PCB Relay

SGR 441

Elesta SGR 441 PCB Relay

SGR xx1 – Socket

Elesta SGR xx1 Socket

SGR 431/411

Elesta SGR 431 PCB Relay

Screw Based Socket

Elesta SGR xx1 Screw Base Socket

xx1 Socket Diodes

Elesta SGR xx1 Diodes