Series M1 Optosensors

The highlight among M18 sensors

Elesta M1 Series Optosensor

M18x1, 50 mm

The M1 may be used universally. In building automation, as well as machines and systems, from detecting people, objects, even transparent objects, up to precise positioning tasks. The common M18 bore mounting, with straight or angled optics, and the very short housing makes them very popular. Remarkably the M1 withstands the roughest environments, such as in the wood working and food industries or in outdoor applications, where excellent sealing or tough stainless steel housings are required.



Range Description PDF
 up to 35 m Through-beam sensors M1S/M1E Download PDF 404 KB
 up to 6,2 m Retro-reflective sensors M1R Download PDF 401 KB
 up to 5,4 m Retro-reflective sensors with polarizing filters M1P and M1C Download PDF 587 KB
 up to 55 cm Diffuse-reflective sensors M1T Download PDF 593 KB
 5/10 cm Diffuse-reflective sensors with background suppression M1T Download PDF 175 KB
 10 cm Diffuse-reflective sensors with background rejection M1H Download PDF 220 KB