Series MS Optosensors

Snap-in, power on!

Series MS Optosensor

Ø 12,3 x 19,3 mm3

The miniSNAP sensors of the series MS are mounted very quickly. You simply push the sensor into a hole (snap-in) and connect it directly to the control unit. Thanks to the optimized beam characteristics, alignment and adjustment is not necessary. Most modern electronics and high quality optics in the transmitter and receiver enable large range and high signal reserve. An intelligent, active disturbing light suppression makes the sensors extremely insensitive to foreign light and other interference sources. The robust front part is dirt-repellent and the electronics are densely encapsulated. That makes the miniSNAP insensitive against vibrations, temperature, dust and wetness.


Range Description PDF
15 m Through-beam sensors MSS/MSE Download PDF 297 KB