Series OU Optosensors

Mini performs maxi

Elesta Series OU Optosensor

30 x 14 x 10 mm3

The optical minisensor OU, high-tech in a sugar cube housing. The most modern chip technology with integrated amplifier, allows for the direct connection to industrial controls. Disturbing light sources, such as high frequency lamps or other optical sensors, have no chance. Front or back side installation require only 10 mm mounting depth. Optimal for confined quarters, such as in packaging- or printing machines, automated handling systems or robots.


 4 mThrough-beam sensors OUS/OUEDownload PDF 97 KB
 up to 2,1 mRetro-reflective sensors OURDownload PDF 97 KB
 up to 2,1 mRetro-reflective sensors with polarizing filters OUP and OUCDownload PDF 115 KB
 up to 10 cmDiffuse-reflective sensors OUTDownload PDF 99 KB