Elesta Optosensors

Leuze Electronic Sensors has a complementary line of products to the Elesta Optosensors AG business that has been closed, but Jaxxen Incorporated still carries stock from the Elesta Optosensors AG division. Our stock spans the entire line of Elesta’s sensors from the  economical OP series, the LL series for confined areas, to the M1L laser sensors. Elesta optosensors are suited for many uses from the automotive industry to robotics, and a wide variety of other applications. The original Elesta factory in Switzerland is now closed since 2007.

To view a PDF of the full line of Elesta , please click here.

For additional information on specific types, please click the appropriate series below:


LL Series Optosensors OG Series Optosensors OF Series Optosensors OM Series Optosensors M1 Series Optosensors M1L Series Optosensors OP Series Optosensors OR Series Optosensors OU Series Optosensors Series MS Optosensors

Please see our complementary Leuze electronic line of sensors, safety, light curtains, bar code readers in the Leuze site section including (but not limited to) the following types:

  • Transducer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Hall effect sensor
  • Photocell
  • Light sensor
  • Infrared sensor
  • Proximity switch
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Optical sensor
  • Optical sensor
  • Photocell sensor
  • Photo sensor
  • Photoelectric switch
  • Laser sensor
  • Infrared detector
  • Photosensor
  • Laser distance sensor
  • Photo eye sensor
  • Inductive proximity sensor
  • Light curtain
  • Safety interlock