Wanjia Relays

Wanjia Relays

Jaxxen Incorporated carries variety of Wanjia relay stock including signal relays, miniature PCB relays, general purpose relays, automotive relays, magnetic latching relays, as well as sockets and switches.  See below to find more information on the relays including available lines and data sheets. For information on the entire Wanjia Relay line, please see the complete catalog below.

Signal Relays

Wanjia WJ 102 Relay

Miniature PCB Relays

Wanjia WJ112 Relay

General Purpose Relays

Wanjia WJ171 Relay

Automotive Relays

Wanjia WJ204 Relay

Magnetic Latching Relays

Wanjia WJ305 Relay

Wanjia Sockets

Wanjia Sockets


Wanjia LW8-20 Cam Changeover Switch

Complete Catalog

Elesta PCB Relay Full Catalog PDF (5MB)