Series OG Optosensors

Powerful in performance

Elesta Series OG Optosensor

68,5 x 67 x 30 mm3

The bulls for the vision in automation. The OG sensors stand out by their large optical power. The through-beam and the retro-reflective sensors achieve long ranges and are ideal for perimeter control as well as safety applications. The robust construction with glass protected optics makes the OG reliable also in rough environments, as e.g. in cement plants or heavy conveyor systems. And: OG with the M12-connector or the cable outlet, that can be rotated in 90° steps, is flexibly mounted in almost each position.


Range Description PDF
 50 m Through-beam sensors OGS/OGE Download PDF 236 KB
 up to 32 m Retro-reflective sensors OGR Download PDF 237 KB
 up to 18 m Retro-reflective sensors with polarizing filters OGP Download PDF 253 KB
 1,8 m Diffuse-reflective sensors OGT Download PDF 241 KB
 0,2 … 0,8 m Diffuse-reflective sensors with background rejection OGH Download PDF 241 KB