Series M1L Optosensors

Visibly strong, fast and precise

Elesta Series M1L Optosensor

M18x1, 50 mm

The M1L laser sensors are the right choice where high ranges, speed or precision are required. They are available in the short M18 polyamide or stainless-steel housing. The laser beam with the well visible red light spot is convergent with fixed focus. In the far field the beam is widened up, which enables reliable operation at high ranges. Thanks to its optimised beam geometry, the M1L laser sensors are suitable for many applications. The enormous switching frequency of 5 kHz or the short response time of 0.1 ms enables high-precision switching even at very fast processes.


Range Description PDF
 up to 100 m Laser through-beam sensors M1LS/M1LE Download PDF 392 KB
 up to 12 m Laser retro-reflective sensors with polarizing filters M1LP Download PDF 394 KB
 up to 30 cm Laser diffuse-reflective sensors M1LT Download PDF 389 KB