Series OP Optosensors

The economical solution

Elesta Series OP Optosensor

55 x 38 x 15 mm3

This photoelectric eye controls processes in transport and storage systems, as well as machines or instruments with the highest precision. Thereby sitting in a compact, high quality plastic housing. A large selection of diffuse-reflective sensors detect various objects, such as transport containers, pallets, tires, but also coffee cups and transparent plastics. Additionally the fiber optic version, surprises with exciting solutions, such as a non-contact keyboard, behind panzer glass.


Range Description PDF
 12 m Through-beam sensors OPS/OPE Download PDF 107 KB
 up to 8 m Retro-reflective sensors OPR Download PDF 61 KB
 up to 7,5 m Retro-reflective sensors with polarizing filters OPP Download PDF 125 KB
 up to 65 cm Diffuse-reflective sensors OPT Download PDF 484 KB