SGR xx2

Elesta PCB Relays

The relays of the SGR familiy provice maximum safety and reliability even in the most demanding long-term applications. These high-quality relays are injection moulded for utmost durability. The secret to the success of ELESTA relays is precisely this process: the assembled set of contacts and the coil, tested several times over, are encapsulated in fibre glass reinforced polyamid. The coil and contacts are thus well insulated and form a rigid unit. The injection molding also provides a hermetically sealed, solder bath resistant base. The contact assembly consists of just two movable parts – an actuator arm is mounted on the far end of the relay. This facilitates a creeping and leakage distance of > 14 mm between the coil and contact, which no other compatible relay can match.

SGR 282

Elesta SGR xx2 282 PCB Relay

SGR 282z

Elesta SGR xx2 282Z PCB Relay

SGR 362

Elesta SGR xx2 362 PCB Relay

SGR 462

Elesta SGR xx2 462 PCB Relay

SGR 562

Elesta SGR xx2 562 PCB Relay

SGR 662

Elesta SGR xx2 662 PCB Relay

SGR 642H

Elesta SGR xx2 642H PCB Relay

SGR 762

Elesta SGR xx2 762 PCB Relay

SGR 862

Elesta SGR xx2 862 PCB Relay

SGR 962

Elesta SGR xx2 962 PCB Relay

SGR 282T

Elesta SGR xx2 282T PCB Relay

xx2 Socket/Accessories

Elesta SGR xx2 PCB Relay Socket

XX2 Screw Based Socket

Elesta SGR xx2 Screw Based Socket

Safety Disconnect

Elesta PCB Relay xx2 Safety Disconnect

xx2 Socket Diodes

Elesta SGR XX2 Socket Diodes

282T/662T Coupling Relays

Elesta SGR xx2 Coupling Relay