SKR Line

The Universal Relay SKR

The strengths of the SKR industrial relays lie in the mature, proven and well thought out construction. Above average reliability of electrical contacts and life span, electrical and mechanical status indication as well as the unsurpassed construction from only six building groups, makes this relay an excellent power switch.

The Timer Module STM100

Special characteristics: 8 adjustable functions and 8 selectable time intervals. With only one execution of the time module all the important operating voltages, functions and time intervals are covered. The result: a simple, economical stock item with full function varieties.

The Socket

The large, connection-friendly c-clamps and the high-contrast terminal marking helps to make the socket ideal for various applications. The sockets ZKE/ZKX permit a fastElesta LogoSKR Line Relay safe and secure assembly. The entrances and exits are separately located on one level. Another variation is offered, together with the SKR relay, the timer module STM100 and is also available with other options.


  • Simple construction
  • High contact rating
  • Contact springs from berylium bronze
  • Shatterproof wire sizes
  • High life span
  • Electrical or mechanical on/off indicator
  • Manual control integrated in relay housing
  • Simple assembly


  • Where a time-dependent procedure must be controlled in a simple manner
  • Construction of panels
  • Machine industry
  • Lighting
  • Gate controls
  • Machine controls
SKR085 - pdf 351 KB

SKR085 – pdf 469 KB

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SKR115 – pdf 786 KB

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SKR122 – pdf 482 KB