Elesta SGR282ZK

Elesta SGR282ZK


Elesta Safety Relays


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Product Description

Elesta SGR282ZK

  • PCB Relay with forcibly guided contacts
  • Protective separation between coil and contacts
  • EN50205 Type B
  • 2 CO contacts with notched crown
  • Mean coil power 0.7W
  • Holding power 0.21W
  • Full Data Sheet (PDF)
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The Elesta SGR282ZK, is a fairly new series of two change-over contact-relays with forcibly guided contacts. This relay series expands upon the tried and true Elesta SGR282Z and Elesta SIR 282 series with notch-crown contacts that meet very high standards of contact reliability, even at low switching loads of 4 mA. Furthermore, the Elesta SGR282ZK avoids using a thick gold coating which has resulted in extending the switching current in the upper load range to 8 A.

The well-known coating technique of the coil remains in place. Applications in process engineering, which require larger air-gap and creepage distances, are also still feasible.

The Elesta SGR282ZK is equipped with a sensitive coil that has no cost impact and is also available in partially-specified variants. Energy-efficient design and ecological design helps contribute to cost savings for this relay.

The Elesta SGR282ZK safety relays were first available in December 2013 and you can read Elesta’s SGR282ZK press release here for more information.

Jaxxen Incorporated is an authorized Elesta distributor.

Additional Information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 30.2 x 25.6 x 12.7 mm

12V, 24V