SGR xx4

Elesta PCB Relays

The SGR xx4 high-current relay could also be called “the efficiency relay”, as it combines almost contradictory requirements in a single device – high switching capacities, tiny dimensions and minimal coil power dissipation. The very latest production technology makes this possible. Although measuring just 28 x 5 x 15 mm ( L x W x H ), the SGR xx4 with one changeover contact meets every requirement in terms or reliable disconnection when switching loads of up to 6A/250VAC. With creepage distance and airgraps > 8 mm and a test voltage between control and load circuit of 4000 V, the SGR xx4 is already a good performer. However, the low coil power dissipation of only 170 mW further underscores the exceptional efficiency of this high-current device.

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