SGR xx3

Elesta PCB Relays

To meet our customers´ requirements for space saving without performance penalties, the successor relays for the SGR 2×2, 4×2, 5×2, 6×2 series is offered in a low-profile design (only 15.7 mm). The coil power dissipation has been reduced without changing the PCB grid pattern. Our customers can therefore use the new xx3 relays where space is at a premium in terms of profile height. We have taken particular care to ensure that the relays pins meet the particular length and stability requirements for soldering the relays into circuit boards of inserting them in relay sockets, thereby guaranteeing reliable electrical contact.

SGR 283

Elesta SGR xx3 283 PCB Relay

SGR 463

Elesta SGR xx3 463 PCB Relay

SGR 563

Elesta SGR xx3 563 PCB Relay

SGR 663

Elesta SGR xx3 663 PCB Relay

xx3 Socket/Accessories

Elesta SGR xx3 PCB Relay Socket

Screw Based Socket

Elesta SGR xx3 PCB Relay Socket

xx3 Safety Disconnect

Elesta PCB Relay Safety Disconnect

xx3 Socket Diodes

Elesta XXR Socket Diodes