PR Line

The PR Print Relays

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Print relays of the PR type are small relays. The construction includes force-guided contacts: two make contacts and two break contacts. In the industrial electronics as well as control and control engineering, they are universally usable as elements always reliable in service. The execution with force guided contacts finds special use for monitoring devices at presses as well as in controls where high safety is required. With simple construction and use of the finest materials, maximum performance and reliability has been achieved. Constant mechanical and electrical inspection always guarantees the continuous quality of these relays.


  • Simple and reliable construction
  • High contact rating
  • Continuous current
  • Long life span
  • High contact pressure
  • Small dimensions
  • The design with force guided contacts


  • Machines and automatic control
  • Safety applications
PR2F - pdf 517 KB

PR 2f – pdf 517 KB

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