Electronic Packaging

Custom Connector electronic packaging products come in a wide variety of sizes and application styles. For solid state requirements, we offer several models of encapsulation shells that can be used with or without potting compounds. They also come with custom molded covers to fulfill any number of wiring applications and to enhance the appearance of the final product.

Our plug-in enclosure line offers versions with 8 pin octal or 11 pin round contact configurations. The 8 pin HB08 is designed with adequate creepage and clearance distances for up to 600 volt applications. Several enclosure sizes are offered in a multitude of standard colors or custom colors that we can match. Custom holes and slot patterns can be molded in to eliminate costly secondary operations. In addition, our newer “D” style headers eliminates the need for all hard wiring inside of the products allowing for further cost reduction for you.

Product Description

GB/TB Series–Pg32

Custom Connector GB/TB Series Octal Style Headers

FB/FC Series–Pg33

Custom Connector FB/FC Series Octal Style Headers with matching enclosures

  • Octal style headers and matching enclosures, 8 & 11 Pin
  • Download PDF

HB Series–Pg34

Custom Connector HB Series Octal Style Headers

  • Octal style headers, 8 & 11 Pin, use with DC/HC/JC series encolsures
  • Download PDF

DC, HC, JC Series–Pg35

Custom Connector DC, HC, JC Enclosures

E1 Series–Pg36

Custom Connector E1 Series Enclosures

E2 Series–Pg37

Custom Connector E2 Series Enclosures

EO Series–Pg38

Custom Connector EO Series Enclosures

E1F/E2F Series–Pg39

Custom Connector E1F/E2F Series Enclosures